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Welcome to the Toto Toilets web page. Toto produce some of the best toilet designs in the world, and this review will help you make great choices when you purchase.

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Toto Toilets - Are They As Good As Advertised?

toto toiletsThere is little doubt that the Toto toilets range has become an industry leader, and now helps to set the standards by which modern toilet suites are judged. Toto toilet reviews are widely available online and the internet is a great place to access the full range of Toto toilets. IF you are looking for a Toto toilets dealer with access to all the popular models and spare parts, the web is a surefire place to get what you are looking for.

This page is just one Toto toilet related page on this site, and if you want in depth Toto toilets reviews, check out our resources page and follow the links to specific Toto models and accessories. We will be reviewing all the popular makes such as the Toto Drake toilet, Toto Ultramax toilet and the Toto Soiree toilet. These are some of the most popular models and attract some massive discounts on Toto prices. Also look at the Toto bidet seats. like the Toto Washlet S300, one of the great range of toto toilet seats on offer.

Choosing Your Toto Toilets

toto toiletWhatever model of toilet you choose to fit in your home, there are always a number of basic considerations that you need to make prior to buying. It is surprising how many people fail to do a little pre-planning and come unstuck when they reach the installation stage. Size, color, the style, and of course the functionality, are extremely important considerations. Are you going to opt for a low water usage model, an extremely popular choice given the modern moral and political climate.

Also consider return on investment (ROI). Are you planning to remain in the property for a long time, or are you remodeling with the idea of selling the property for a profit in the near future. This will also determine the type and costs of the toto toilets system you install.

Toilet Size

Choosing the appropriate width, depth, and height for your toilet unit is very important. A small bathroom with the largest available toilet fitted will not look right, and will make your bathroom appear very small. Elongated toilets are very fashionable these days, but the tiny bathroom would benefit more from a round bowl model which will provide greater space savings.

With a depth of around 32 inches for the larger elongated toilets, and a round bowl toto model coming in around the 28 inch mark, those four inches saved can make a difference when space is at a premium. If you have a little more space, then the Toto Elongated toilets come highly recommended.

Toilet Height

Many people don't realize that different heights of toilet are available. The standard size is around 14 inches high, but there are 16 inch height toilets available. This is more comfortable if you are tall or elderly, but young children may struggle with the higher models. If you are lucky enough to have 2 toilets in the home, then perhaps consider installing one of each height. This should keep everyone happy.

Toilet Style

There are a number of different styles of toilet to choose from. We have already discussed elongated vs round bowls. You can also choose between two piece or one piece toilets as well as color, toilet seat design and a number of other features. You can be sure that there is a toilet style to fit perfectly in your home.

Toto Toilet Overview - The Toto Drake

Toto Drake Elongated 2 Piece Toilet

As one of the flagship models from Toto, the Toto drake toilet features a modern high profile design, providing a contemporary feel to the home. The G-Max flushing system is exceptionally powerful, but still quiet. It provides the level of performance that is suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Cleaning the Toto Drake is simple. The Sanagloss supper smooth finish incorporated an ion barrier glazing system that cleans the bowl with each flush that you make.

These Toto toilets have a 12 inch rough-in. One of the remarkable things about this new breed of toilets is the low water consumption. The Drake uses a mere 1.6 Gallons per flush for it's siphon jet flushing action.

Toto Toilets Reviews - What do customers say?

Some of the best places to find out whether a product is worth buying is on review sites and forums. We've taken a couple of reviews from Amazon customers and this is what they think of the Toto Drake.

J Amicucci - USA

Great Toilet! I never thought I'd be excited about a toilet, but this one has been a great buy for me. I purchased from another online retailer for less than offered here. Toilet was very easy to install for this average do-it-yourself homeowner. The great thing about this toilet is it can handle the bulk. I've had it for one year now and never had a problem compared to the toilet it replaced that would always clog up. Also, the sani-gloss finish makes cleaning a breeze. I'm very happy with it and plan to replace the other two toilets in my home with this model as well.

Paul S Remington - Rochester NY

This Toilet Turned me Into A Toto Fan! .............So if you're trying to decide which toilet to buy, you have me and my two friends here to tell you, you're looking at an excellent toilet for the money! If you buy it, throw your own Toto party, eat hearty, and know the next day your happy engorgement won't result in a double flush! :-)


We hope this short review has given you some idea of the range of Toto toilets  available from online retailers like Amazon  . We encourage you to look at the specific models available in our Toto toilets reviews page.

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